As a woman, immigrant, and person of color, I am an intersectional progressive who works to build power within our community. In order to do so, I am dedicated to advancing an agenda focused on economic, social, racial and environmental justice.

When elected, I will be both the first Muslim Woman and Somali-American woman to hold office in the United States. However, women leaders and leaders of color have been drawn to our campaign not because we have sought them out as a politically expedient, but because the campaign represents the changes in our community and district that are bringing underrepresented people into the political process. I am proud of the leadership roles women and people of color play in my campaign -- leading our finance team, communications, field outreach, organizing conventions, and crafting policy in favor of social justice. My work in the community and my campaign demonstrates that we as Minnesotans do better when we all do better.

I am the only candidate endorsed by OutFront Minnesota Action and Stonewall DFL. I was humbled and honored to be part of our state's historic victories for marriage equality in 2012 and 2013. However, there is still a great deal of work to do in the struggle for LGBT inclusion. Many LGBT community members have endured bullying, homelessness, lack of opportunity, and discrimination. I realize that these struggles are the same struggles many new immigrants face. I understand civil rights issues are human rights issues. Discrimination is harmful no matter who you are; all people deserve respect and equity under the law. I will be a steadfast advocate for all underrepresented communities at the Capitol. It is not our job to judge one another, but to welcome and serve everyone.

I want to help build a world where chances of birth don’t define people’s lives. I want my daughters to be judged not by their gender or skin color, but by their contributions to our community.

I unequivocally support  women's reproductive rights and I am the current Vice President of the DFL Feminist Caucus. I have fought my entire life for human rights and as your representative, I will continue that fight.