Join me Wednesday! - Gov. Mark Dayton

Dear Fellow DFLer,

Please join me for my Fall Fundraiser with Ilhan Omar this coming Wednesday, October 26th. Ilhan and her team have been working hard in her District and also going through our state to help flip other districts blue!

This is our final fundraising event before the election; so it's our last chance to give big and get big results. It's clear that Ilhan is determined to win a DFL majority for the next legislative session -- I look forward to such a session!
Details: Oct. 26 from 5:30 - 7:30pm at Mixed Blood Theater, 1501 S 4th St, Minneapolis.

Co-Hosts: Ken Martin | Sen. Scott Dibble | Rep. Paul Thissen | Rep. Frank Hornstein | Rep. Erin Murphy | Rep. Diane Loeffler | CM Alondra Cano | CM Andrew Johnson | CM Jacob Frey | Carla Kjellberg | Paul Winkelaar | Abdiwahab Ahmed | Sahra Noor | Abdirahman Kahin | Jeanne Massey | Matthew Musel | Della and Alex Boutrous | Jillia Pessenda and Monica Meyer | Habon Abdulle | Michael Lander | Ali Isse | Ayan Aden-Sabrie

Suggested contribution: $500 * $250 * $100 * $50 * $25
Even if you can't make it, please donate, ever dollar goes to a better Minnesota for us all.

My best,