Amplify your Voice!

Dear friend--

We have had two weeks now for the grim news of the elections to sink in. Some of us had hoped that there would be a shift in tone away from the rhetoric of hate. But we have not seen that. 

Instead, we have heard about the announcement of cabinet members who oppose us our very being and policies that will deepen the great divides within our country.

We cannot accept this. We cannot normalize fascism.

Every single one of us who voted for Hillary Clinton — and even those who didn’t vote at all because they didn’t like the choices — we must amplify our voices every single day and say no.

No to a Muslim registry. No to building a wall. No to demonizing love and acceptance.
We must take action, right now. I urge you to donate to my campaign.

I urge you to find a cause you believe in – the list is infinite: racial justice, women’s reproductive rights, immigrant rights, environmental justice, LGBTQ justice, to name just a few. Look for an organization whose values align with your own and find out how you can give your time and provide financial support.

My team and I are looking for ways to unite our diverse communities by continuing to build progressive coalitions, here in Minneapolis, throughout Minnesota, and across the nation. We will keep you posted on these developments.

I do believe that ultimately love will trump hate, but now, right this minute, we must roll up our sleeves and get to work. We must amplify our voices for what is right in this world and end this cycle of hate.

In love and solidarity,

Ilhan Omar
Representative-Elect District 60B


P.S. Those of you who live here in Minneapolis: you’ll be voting in a local election for mayor and the city council next November. I urge you to get involved with these races so that we can elect more candidates committed to a living wage of $15, which will lift people up out of poverty and help make our city be a place where we are building prosperity and equity.