Vote early in iambic tetrameter

We thought we'd make today more fun,
And say, in verse, what must be done,

Your vote's your voice, your chance to speak, 
A polling place is where to be,

But if you wait until the 8th,
The chance the line is long is great--

So, go today and make your mark,
The House then surely will be ours!

Today is the last day to vote early! Polls are open 8:00am-4:00pm at ANY of the following locations.

  1. Downtown Early Vote Center, 217 S. Third St.
  2. North Early Vote Center, 2100 Plymouth Ave. N., in the Minneapolis Urban League building.
  3. South Early Vote Center, 1860 E. 28th St., in the former Roof Depot building.
  4. Northeast Early Vote Center, 2516 Central Ave. NE in the Water Bar building.

Voting early will take you less time than it took to write that poem. Seriously, it took a lot more time than anticipated.

Forward Together!
Ilhan Communications Team

P.S. We hope you'll join us and Ilhan in celebration tomorrow night!