Ilhan Omar makes a strong showing at caucuses

Last night, hundreds of Ilhan Omar supporters attended their precinct caucuses in District 60B and voiced their support for her candidacy for State Representative. Ilhan won more delegates than any other candidate in eight of the 12 precincts, including at least two student precincts where she won every delegate.

Inspired by the strong showing, Ilhan said: "We dreamed about building a great team, we did! We dreamed about bringing new people into the process at all levels, we did! We dreamed about unifying the district voice, we are well on our way! We are now dreaming about securing the DFL endorsement on April 9, we have a head start! Thank you to everyone who made last night possible! We are in this together. We have a dream of a prosperous and equitable Minnesota - and I know we will make it a reality together."

"Last night, our campaign lived its core values," said Stacey Rosana, Field Director. "We invested in people and, by holding a number of caucus trainings, we built their power beyond just a vote for our campaign. So many young people and first time voters got the support they needed to understand and participate fully in the process. They got to feel Ilhan's commitment of putting power back into the hands of the people and many of them joined our team because of it."

"Ilhan values the resources in this community. She knows that every person has something to contribute and that we must engage their energy and knowledge," said Campaign Manager Laura Hoffman. "When Ilhan talks about co-governing with residents of the district, it resonates with them and that's why they came out and supported her last night."

On April 9, Senate District 60 will hold its DFL convention at Northeast Junior High and delegates will vote to endorse one candidate for State Representative. The candidate who receives 60% of the vote will have earned the full backing of the DFL Party heading into a potential August primary.

"Ilhan's campaign is about inspiring the mosaic of people from different backgrounds all across 60B to get involved in the democratic process so that together we can address the complex challenges we face," Political Director Bill Emory said. "It's clear that hundreds of people in the district believe that Ilhan is the leader we need to bring the full voice and vitality of the community to the Capitol."

"Ilhan and I have worked together on several campaigns," stated Campaign Chair David Gilbert-Pederson. "When she first talked to me about running for State Representative last year, I was so excited because Ilhan knows how to get people involved and get things done. We talked about turning people out for precinct caucuses and fully engaging young people, people of color, and people who've become disillusioned with the political process. We did that so in my opinion, last night we won!"

Ilhan, a progressive DFL activist, educator and policy analyst, is the Director of Policy and Initiatives for the Women Organizing Women (WOW) Network, which works to engage and empower East African women to take civic leadership roles and see themselves as leaders within their communities. She lives in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis with her husband and three children.