Sen. Dibble and R.T. Rybak endorse Ilhan

We are excited to announce that Sen. Scott Dibble and former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak are endorsing Ilhan for State Representative in District 60B.

This is what Sen. Dibble has to say:

“Minnesota needs Ilhan Omar's voice in the legislature and I am very proud to step forward and endorse her. Her experience and demonstrated leadership shows that she is well qualified to represent the diverse community members who call District 60B their home. I’ve seen Ilhan in action and know that she is a coalition builder and will move social, racial, economic and environmental justice issues forward at the Capitol," said Sen. Dibble. "I admire and honor Rep. Phyllis Kahn's years of service and her work on many important policies. Now is a time to welcome a promising new leader to the table.

And former Minneapolis Mayor / Executive Director of Generation Next R.T. Rybak:

"I have had the privilege of getting to know Ilhan Omar and believe her rare combination of strong vision and ability to listen will make her an exceptional State Representative in 60B. I am very impressed by how Ilhan is running her campaign and the way she is bringing so many new people into the political process, including students, new immigrants and people of color. All of us who belong to the DFL party must do more to engage those who want to be involved. We must make politics more accessible for everyone and eliminate existing barriers. I know Ilhan is dedicated to doing this and will be a champion for positive change.”

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We are honored to be endorsed by these two inspiring leaders who are committed to advancing equity and closing the opportunity gap. We look forward to their support in the coming months on the campaign trail and, once Ilhan is elected as State Representative, working with them to tackle the challenges we face and make our communities stronger for everyone.

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