DFL Feminist Caucus Endorses Ilhan Omar for State Representative in 60B


DFL Feminist Caucus Endorses Ilhan Omar for State Representative in 60B

April 21, 2016 MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The DFL Feminist Caucus announced today that they are endorsing Ilhan Omar for the State Representative in District 60B.

"As a member of the legislature Ms. Omar will be a true public servant in representing her constituents, bringing her skills as a policy analyst and her passion for social justice and equality. The election of Ms. Omar will be a truly transformative moment for Minnesota, our nation and the Feminist movement. The truth of this transformation is evidenced in her own words:

‘I plan to govern not from but with all of the diverse groups of people in my district. This means listening to impacted groups on all issues that affect them, whether people of color, women, LGBTQ people, poor communities, young people, seniors, or underserved rural communities. We cannot allow the daily workings of privilege to decide whose voices are heard on crucial issues.’

Please join us in supporting Ms. Omar.”

"I am honored to receive the DFL Feminist Caucus’ endorsement,” said Ms. Omar. The caucus is a leader in intersectional progressivism. They are working to build power in gender equality and dismantle systemic sexism. Our collective action will pass laws and change policies to ensure the health and safety of our communities."

Ilhan, a progressive DFL activist, educator and policy analyst, is the Director of Policy and Initiatives for the Women Organizing Women (WOW) Network, which works to engage and empower East African women to take civic leadership roles and see themselves as leaders within their communities. She lives in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis with her husband and three children.

For more information, visit www.ilhanomar.com