Don’t Let Your Vote Leave When You Do

In the 2014 primary election, only 123 students voted for State Representative. That means that about 94% of eligible student voters were silent.

Students in our districts have been underrepresented and disenfranchised for years – and that’s no accident. Check out the commentary that appeared in the Star Tribune by Robert Stewart, chair of the University of Minnesota Student Senate.We need a State Representative who fights for our voices to be heard. Ilhan Omar will be the ally we need in the Capitol.

The 2016 primary election is August 9. Click here to register for an absentee ballot now.

Primary elections determine which candidates will appear on the ballots for the General Election in November. You can use an absentee ballot to vote, even if you’ll be away from Minneapolis in August. In order to advocate for affordable tuition, mental health funding, and campus sexual violence prevention, Ilhan needs to win the primary.  

If you have a lease signed through August 2016, you can register to vote with an absentee ballot. You’ll receive a ballot around June 24 from the Secretary of State to be mailed back anytime before August 9.  

If you are a student moving out of a residence hall, email Ilhan’s team at to figure out your voting options and how to get involved with the campaign.

Have questions? Volunteers from the campaign will be canvassing University of Minnesota residence halls on Friday, May 6.

Ilhan knows that students are powerful – 18-24 year-olds make up 55% of voters in our district.  She’ll use her coalition-building skills to make sure student issues are prioritized, even when school isn’t in session. We know that student debt doesn’t go away in the summer, and Minnesota’s educational disparities result in lifelong inequalities. But since voter turnout among students is historically low, these issues haven’t received the attention they deserve.

We need Ilhan’s voice in the State Capitol. But more importantly, we need yours. Register now to make sure you’re not ignored.   

-Joelle Stangler, University of Minnesota Student Body President