I always wondered what it was like to be a rock star!

Dear Friend,

I always wondered what it was like being a rock star! And now I know -- be it secondhand. On Saturday, I saw the response Ilhan Omar received when she entered the packed gymnasium at the Brian Coyle Center and it was incredible! More than 1,000 East African community members, long time residents and students were there for the Unity Rally, cheering her on and fired up to get Ilhan elected as the next State Representative for District 60-B.
If you weren't able to make it on Saturday, watch this great video and feel the energy of the event. Then join Ilhan today to keep the momentum going!

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I also want to express my thanks to Ilhan for the part she played in helping to get earned sick leave and the first-of-its-kind transition housing for homeless families passed by the Minneapolis City Council last week. From the very start, Ilhan was there, working on these two priorities to move them forward, build support, and overcome challenges. The passage of the sick leave ordinance will ensure that over 100,000 workers will no longer have to choose between getting healthy and paying their bills. 

Ilhan’s talents and leadership helped get us here. Now, we need to get her elected to the House of Representatives so she can co-govern with the residents of 60-B to build a more prosperous and equitable future for everyone. I hope you'll join me and support Ilhan's candidacy by volunteering or making a donation

Forward together,

Andrew Johnson
Minneapolis City Councilmember


The 2016 primary election is August 9. If you live in District 60-B, click here to register for an absentee ballot now.


Ilhan is endorsed by:

Senator Scott Dibble
Senator Patricia Torres Ray
Minneapolis City Council Members Lisa Bender, Alondra Cano, Andrew Johnson
                                                       Former Mayor & DNC Vice Chair R.T. Rybak                                                                                            TakeAction Minnesota                                                                   OutFront Minnesota Action
African American DFL Caucus
DFL Feminist Caucus
Minnesota Young DFL
Somali-American DFL Caucus
Stonewall DFL
Minneapolis School Board Members Carla Bates, Kim Ellison, Josh Reimnitz
Former Chair, Minneapolis School Board Richard Mammen
Former Minneapolis School Board Member Jill Davis
Minnesota Student Association President Joelle Stangler & President Elect Abeer Syedah
Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn
Minneapolis Board of Taxation and Estimation Board Member Carol Becker
Minneapolis NAACP President & St. Thomas Professor Nekima Levy Pounds
St. Louis Park Council Member Anne Mavity
St. Paul Public School Board Members Zuki Ellis, Steve Marchese
Jordan Anderson, Kyra Brown, Audrey Callahan, Carter Christensen , William Dane, Alaina Friedrich, Ann Gilbert, Deneen Hanzlik, Bob Hulteen, Amber Jones, Nicholas Kor, Brooke Magid-Hart, Lulete Mola, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Charlie Parker, Jordan Parshall, Felicia Philibert, Cordelia Pierson, Matthew Ogbeifun, Pete Rode, Anne Hibbard, Noah Shavit-Lonstein, Amy Shellabarger, Eva Shellabarger, Michael Stoesz, Kyle Smestad, Lecia Stock, Jason Sole

Paid for by Neighbors for Ilhan

Liz Loeb, Treasurer

P.O. Box 13415
Minneapolis, MN 55414