I like everything about Ilhan

 Ilhan's dad is the man in the white shirt with the big smile on his face

Ilhan's dad is the man in the white shirt with the big smile on his face

Dear friend,

My name is Nur Mohamed, and I want to tell you a few things about my daughter, Ilhan Omar, who is running for State Representative here in District 60B.

The primary is Tuesday, August 9 and I hope you will vote for her.

Ever since Ilhan was a young girl, she has been very determined, worked hard and always wanted to help. When she was eight-years-old, our family had to leave Somalia because of the civil war. We lived in a refugee camp for four years and every day, Ilhan would walk miles to get water or wood for us. 

When we moved to the United States in 1995, Ilhan integrated very quickly, and because of her social nature, made friends, but when kids bullied her for the color of her skin, or for wearing a hijab (headscarf), she would not tolerate it. She always stood up up for herself.

After we moved to Minneapolis, to the Cedar Riverside neighborhood, she attended Edison High School. Her teachers talked to me about how smart she was and how she was a student leader. It was during this time, that Ilhan became an activist. She helped organize students to connect on their common values and helped start the Diversity in Leadership program. Her interest in politics also developed around this time. She would attend our precinct caucus with her grandfather and translate for him so that he could be involved in our democratic society.

Several years ago, Ilhan felt compelled to go to Somalia to volunteer and provide aid relief when the country was experiencing a terrible drought. When she returned, I believe Ilhan had a renewed commitment to making our world a better place. Her commitment to battling climate change and ending inequalities became focused on our community right here in Minneapolis, where Ilhan and her husband are raising their three children.

For many years, I have prayed a special prayer for her: may her forehead be like that of a lion, which to me means have the strength to be brave in everything she does.

As her dad, I may be biased, but I like everything about Ilhan -- and I think you will too when she is representing all of us at the Capitol. She is humble and relatable and has a special ability to bring people together. We need that. 

Please make a donation to Ilhan to show your support. I know we will all benefit from having her voice at the Capitol.


Nur Mohamed
Ilhan's father
You can also help Ilhan get elected by helping us get out the vote. Sign up now to volunteer. We need to connect with as many voters in District 60B as possible. Hurry - the primary is just a week away.