Ilhan Outraised Opponents by Factor of Two


JULY 28, 2016 MINNEAPOLIS, MN - This year, in the campaign for State Representative in District 60B, Ilhan Omar has raised $76,000 compared to Rep. Kahn’s $48,000. Mohamud Noor has not yet filed a report.

Regarding her more than 500 individual contributors, Ilhan said, "I am so proud that the majority of contributions to my campaign are from members of the Somali community who believe in my leadership.  As a woman of color, so many people told me that I would not be able to raise money for a campaign.  Those people were wrong, and I want every young woman of color out there to know that they have the power -- and support --to run for elected office and win."

Ilhan’s campaign treasurer, Liz Loeb, said, "Ilhan's success in fundraising comes from hundreds of small, grassroots contributions from community members, including students, new Americans, and longtime residents, who see themselves, their hopes, and their dreams in Ilhan's campaign.  People want to be part of something that matters, and Ilhan comes to the table with a vision of justice and a vision of Minnesota that inspires people to give."

To date, Ilhan has raised over $76,000 : $14,362 in 2015, $58,555 in 2016 pre-primary, and an additional $3,430 since the last reporting period. Ilhan’s campaign reflects the values and world we want to see, and proudly pays our campaign staff  a living wage.

Ilhan, a progressive DFL activist, educator and policy analyst, is the Director of Policy and Initiatives for the Women Organizing Women (WOW) Network, which works to engage and empower East African women to take civic leadership roles and see themselves as leaders within their communities. She lives in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis with her husband and three children.

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