Proud of My Choice

Dear Friend,

In a noisy campaign season very few candidates have managed to rise completely above the fray. One candidate stands out in this regard, llhan Omar. According to the incumbent, those of us who support llhan must be motivated by the fact that she is "younger and prettier" or because we are wracked with "liberal guilt." You have not heard llhan Omar making demeaning comments about her opponents. llhan holds herself to a higher standard.
I personally committed my support to llhan following a phone call she made to me back in February. I didn't know her age or what she looked like at that time. All I knew is that llhan was talking with great passion about a new and inclusive approach to confronting the needs of our district at the legislature. I was impressed that day and have remained impressed every day since. llhan Omar is not just another candidate. llhan is an extraordinary candidate who will be heard by her constituents and legislative colleagues when she speaks, but will be equally willing to listen to their concerns. Our district desperately needs that kind of calm, clear, and reasonable but passionate voice speaking for us.

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I also had a lengthy phone call with the incumbent just prior to the district convention last April. She called me to implore me to support her after the first ballot if she was near endorsement. She talked about how the primary in the previous election cycle had wasted valuable resources that could have better been used supporting the DFL or other candidates. A week later I watched my current state representative work for hours to deny my candidate the nomination, thereby forcing another primary, even though llhan Omar had over 54% of the votes on the first ballot! I cannot say I was surprised by that turn of events. Instead, it just seems like it was business as usual for the incumbent.

It is time to change the way business gets done in our district. I believe that.

llhan Omar is the one candidate in the District 60B House race whose primary interest in this election season is working to better the lives of the people of our district and our state. If you haven't had a chance to meet Ilhan, I encourage you to attend her last Meet and Greet event before the Election on Friday, August 5 at 7pm at Football Pizza in Como. l am proud to support her. I hope you will join me. It's time for llhan!
Forward together,

Bill Dane
Como Neighborhood