Rep. Kahn, we should unify our district, not divide it

The young woman (Ilhan Omar) has done a very good job of mobilizing students to get out to the caucuses and she’s also very attractive to the kind of, what we call the young, liberal, white guilt-trip people.
— Rep. Kahn, recent interview with Alpha News.

Dear Friend,

My team and I run an issues-based campaign that works to unite our district, not divide it. Rep. Kahn's comments devalue the broad coalition of support we have worked hard to earn. We are proud to engage all the diverse voices of 60-B -- and especially proud that our campaign has inspired so many students and young people to participate in the political process.

We’re not alone in finding that Representative Kahn’s words are a distraction from what really matters in this campaign.

In a post on Facebook, Rep. Erin Murphy had this to say in response to Rep. Kahn’s comments:

“I disagree with what [Rep. Kahn] said about Ilhan Omar. Elections need to be about the real issues and challenges our communities face and about candidates' visions and work to address them."

House Minority Leader Rep. Thiessen also disagreed with what Rep Kahn said in the Alpha News interview, writing:

“There certainly are real and legitimate concerns about racial and socioeconomic equity in our state that I know all candidates care deeply about and it should be an important part of the debate.”

This is not the first time Rep. Kahn has said derogatory things about me and the residents of our district. I believe she no longer gets a pass. If you agree with me, and you live in District 60-B, I urge you to vote now.

How to vote early in person or via absentee ballot

We need your support to win the primary on August 9th. I encourage each of you to get involved with our campaign.

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This is a reminder that we must stay focused on solutions, not divisions. Together, we can build a more prosperous and equitable Minnesota.

In solidarity,

P.S. To learn more about Ilhan, check out the segment about her from CBS Religion & Democracy. (segment about Ilhan starts at 19:21)

Ilhan is endorsed by:
Senator Scott Dibble
Senator Patricia Torres Ray
Minneapolis City Council Members Lisa Bender, Alondra Cano, Andrew Johnson
Former Mayor & DNC Vice Chair R.T. Rybak
Minnesota Nurses Association
TakeAction Minnesota
OutFront Minnesota Action
African American DFL Caucus
DFL Feminist Caucus
Minnesota Young DFL
Somali-American DFL Caucus
Stonewall DFL
Minneapolis School Board Members Carla Bates, Kim Ellison, Josh Reimnitz
Former Chair, Minneapolis School Board Richard Mammen
Former Minneapolis School Board Member Jill Davis
Minnesota Student Association President Joelle Stangler & President Elect Abeer Syedah
Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn
Minneapolis Board of Taxation and Estimation Board Member Carol Becker
Minneapolis NAACP President & St. Thomas Professor Nekima Levy Pounds
St. Louis Park Council Member Anne Mavity
St. Paul Public School Board Members Zuki Ellis, Steve MarcheseJordan Anderson, Kyra Brown, Audrey Callahan, Carter Christensen, William Dane, Alaina Friedrich, Ann Gilbert, Deneen Hanzlik, Bob Hulteen, Amber Jones, Nicholas Kor, Brooke Magid-Hart, Lulete Mola, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Charlie Parker, Jordan Parshall, Felicia Philibert, Cordelia Pierson, Matthew Ogbeifun, Pete Rode, Anne Hibbard, Noah Shavit-Lonstein, Amy Shellabarger, Eva Shellabarger, Michael Stoesz, Kyle Smestad, Lecia Stock, Kris Felbeck, Jessica Wilson, David Gilbert-Pederson, Ben Krouse-Gagne, Laura Dahl, Nick French, Lance Pemberton, Nate Gessesse, Mitchell Goedken, Lea Graber, Samuel Graf, Shaye Heyman, Travis Hochsprung, Megan Mahony, Jacob Maxon, Jia Mikules, Erin Niehoff, John Ouellette-Howitz, Ryan Pohler, Renate Willer, Henry Zurn, Ahmed Hirsi, Muhim Abdi, Liz & Carly McCambridge, Mohamed Ali, Kali Mohamed, Abdirahman Kahin, Justin Halverson, Jasmine Gill, Elizabeth Morgan, Mahad Indhodeero, Nur Mohamed, Sahra Noor, Habon Abdulle, Ubah Jama, Laura Dahl, Tyler Fritze, Nate Gessesse, Mitchell Goedken, McCartney Goff, Lea Graber, Samuel Graf, Coleton Hanson, Savannah Hanson, Shaye Heyman, Travis Hochsprung, Amogh Pradip Kambale, Ericka Lynch, Megan Mahony, Jacob Maxon, Brigid McBride, Jia Mikuls, Erin Niehoff, Scout Ober, John Ouellette-Howitz, Lillian Ouellette-Howitz, Ryan Poehler, Kellen Renstrom, Daniel Russell, Renate Willer, Amanda Yourd, Henry Zurn, Winnie Zwick