Special Session

A special legislative session was called last night at 12:01am because 70% of the budget -- education, health and human services, state government, transportation, bonding and tax bills -- is all unresolved. We’re facing a special session because Republicans have been unwilling to compromise, and have chosen to steer Minnesota down a place of greater inequity and possible future deficits.

We have a $1.65 billion surplus in Minnesota. We should expect our legislature to get its work done on time! Yet, Republicans have walked out of negotiations with Govenor Dayton and have written legislation that have shown us what they value: corporations and the very wealthy. Their must-pass budget bills contained a litany of controversial policy provisions from pre-K elimination to preemption, none of which are in line with Minnesota values. These policies are the reason this session didn’t finish on time.

Maya Angelou said: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I believe that Republicans have shown us their failure to lead by refusing to pass budget bills that improve opportunity for all Minnesotans.

You can watch a livestream of legislative proceedings right here, and I encourage you to stay informed, and stay alert. Session will resume again at 3pm today, May 23. I won’t stop fighting for unity and justice, and defending the values that matter to you, and all Minnesotans.