Ten Days of Action - We need you!

Dear Friend,

On August 9, we made history. Our winning coalition, built on the shared values of long-time residents, students, and East Africans immigrants, demonstrated to the world that our District, District 60-B, is ready to move forward together towards a more prosperous and equitable future. 

Thanks to the support of more than 250 volunteers and 500 donors, we increased voter turnout in the primary by 37%!

But our work isn’t over yet. Many progressive leaders who volunteered for our campaign are now facing contested races. I see this as a great opportunity for us. We can continue to build our winning coalition and our power all across the state by connecting with even more voters. Are you in?

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In the past month, our campaign has weathered attacks, but the coalition we built remains strong. Recently, SEUI, AFSCME, womenwinning, Local 49, Congressman Keith Ellison, and Governor Mark Dayton have stepped forward to support me and our campaign.

And now we have the chance to elect more progressive candidates in November than ever before. Join us for our fall election kickoff event on Sunday, October 2 for Ten Days of Action. Let’s win again on Election Night!

Forward together,

Please make a gift of $10 today for our 10 Days of Action to show your support!