We keep marching.

Yesterday, millions of people around the world stood against bigotry, hate, and oppression in Washington D.C. at the Women’s March. In Minnesota, 100 thousand joined in solidarity at the Minnesota State Capitol. We marched. We spoke. We listened. We began to heal.

Now, we must move forward. We need to build, converse, and most importantly, resist.

I’m optimistic about our fight ahead. It’s a passionate, intersectional, and progressive fight. It’s a fight for equal opportunity for all—a just criminal justice system, a thriving school system, and an economy that leaves no one behind.

I need to be honest, this fight can not happen on it’s own. It relies on people, families, and communities to shift the balance of power. It also relies on resources.

The reality of politics today is requires an investment. This investment supports:

  • Organizers having conversations with neighbors
  • A physical space to gather, meet, and plan
  • Community events to share our vision and organize

We win this fight if we are well-resourced and well supported. Please donate today or joining us as we build, converse, and resist.

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