The Fight Ahead


As I prepare for the upcoming session and the political changes to come, I am thinking of how to best support my constituents in 60B, the people of Minnesota, and other communities impacted by economic, social, and racial hardship. I'm thinking about my role as a legislator and how that role can mean more than simply authoring and enacting laws. I'm thinking broadly, creatively, andmost importantly collectively.

I'm optimistic for our fight ahead. It's a passionate, intersectional, and progressive fight. It's a fight for equal opportunity for alla just criminal justice system, a thriving school system, and an economy that leaves no one behind. It's a fight that connects activists, elected officials and community members.

Most of my time will be spent collaborating with organizations, connecting with community leaders, and fighting for my constituents in St. Paul, I am also deeply committed to working to support progressive leadership and advance community engagement. This is why I've established a district office in Cedar Riverside and have invested in staff (and interns!) to support this work.

My staff is a resource to you for collaboration, support, and to provide a more seamless connection between the community and the legislature. Please connect with us to build yourand ourcollective power.

Forward together,



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