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"I got my start in politics at age 14, interpreting for my grandfather at community meetings. I learned then that if you want a certain world, you need to organize for it."


“It’s clear we are at one of the most significant crossroads in American history, we must decide whether we are willing to fight alongside our neighbors or if we are going to turn our backs on the progress we’ve achieved.

These systems of oppression were built by people. They aren't permanent—people can change them. Together, we will.

We will be bold, we will be brave, we will believe. We will fight back, we will organize, we will win.”

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"I’m a working mom. I’m a public high school graduate. I’m a policy analyst. I’m a refugee. I’m an intergenerational organizer. I’m a coalition builder. I’m a graduate with student debt. I’m a public servant with over a decade of experience."