2018 Precinct Caucus Information

Tuesday, February 6th at 6:30pm

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What is a caucus?

A community meeting with your neighbors and an opportunity to participate in the democratic process, talk about the issues you care about, and shape the party platform.

What should I expect on caucus night?

Gubernatorial straw poll

  • Voting preference for MN governor.
  • Gives the DFL insight on where candidates stand in the governor's race, but doesn't actually help or hurt a candidate. 

Delegate selection

There are three conventions you can be elected as a delegate to on caucus night-- Senate District, City of Minneapolis, and Hennepin County. If you are elected as a delegate for these conventions, you will: 

Senate District 60

  • Select Senate District DFL leadership
  • Endorse candidates for the MN House of Representatives
  • Elect delegates to the state convention

City of Minneapolis

  • Select city DFL leadership
  • Endorse candidates for Minneapolis School Board
  • Vote on long-term party structure

Hennepin County

  • Endorse candidates for County Commissioner, Sheriff, and County Attorney 


You have the opportunity to fill out a resolution form and share it with your neighbors on caucus night. Resolutions are issues you care about. They are voted at every level of the party, and if they pass at the state convention they then become incorporated into the party's platform.

Can't make it on caucus night but still want to be elected as a delegate to either the Senate District, City of Minneapolis, or Hennepin County conventions? Fill out an absentee form here and have a neighbor from your precinct bring it with them on caucus night!