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“I am very proud to endorse Ilhan Omar to be the next great Member of Congress for Minnesota’s Fifth District. Ilhan has shown tremendous leadership at our State Capitol, and I know that she will champion progressive Minnesota values in Congress. Ilhan will be an outstanding Representative for the people of Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District and a leading voice for change in Washington.”

Governor Mark Dayton


“Ilhan knows the plight of stories like mine. She understands what it means to seek and establish a new home, and she understand the urgent need to save our democracy. Ilhan’s community and legislative work on behalf of communities of color, underserved, refugees and undocumented people is part of why I’m very excited for Ilhan to be my Congresswoman."

Representative Fue Lee


“I am proud to call Ilhan Omar my friend and to endorse her to be the next U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th District. For the past two years, I served with Ilhan on our caucus's leadership team and sat next to her on the Minnesota House floor. I've seen her consistently advocate for marginalized people, fight for Minnesota values, and stand up against regressive Republican policies. Ilhan is a good listener who is open to feedback and accepts different perspectives. She will make her constituents proud in Washington, D.C."

Representative Jon Applebaum


“Ilhan Omar is precisely the right voice at precisely the right time. From leading the charge on reforms to sexual assault laws to championing racial justice to defending Minneapolis from pre-emption, Ilhan has proven herself as someone who will fight for Minneapolis. It has never been more important that we have a voice as powerful as Ilhan’s in the United States Congress, and I can't wait to partner with her.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey


“In a time when our country’s most fundamental ideals are under attack, Ilhan is the leader we need in congress to inspire, organize and fight back."

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender


“It’s with great pleasure that I endorse Ilhan to be my U.S Representative from the 5th District. Ilhan has proven during her time at the Capitol that she is incredibly fit to accomplish change. She will be a champion of progressive issues and an organizing powerhouse for the state. I particularly look forward to working with Ilhan to improve the lives of my Northside neighbors.”

Minneapolis Council Member Jeremiah Ellison.


“Ilhan is not only the best candidate, she’s extremely qualified for this job. Serving on a committee with her, I know Ilhan is a brilliant legislator who fights with determination and creativity—I’ve witnessed her navigate the legislative process like a twelve-year incumbent. Ilhan’s voice and insight are much needed in Congress."

Representative Andrew Carlson

Gail Dorfman.jpg

"I am pleased to endorse Representative Ilhan Omar for Congress. As the former Mayor of St. Louis Park and former Hennepin County Commissioner,  I believe Ilhan has the skills, passion and knowledge to well represent all the communities of the 5th Congressional District."

Metropolitan Council Member Gail Dorfman


“Ilhan is a powerhouse and a fighter. She is one of the hardest working people in the legislature with an incredible ability to influence people and get things done. We need a leader with Ilhan’s experience representing the people of Minnesota in Congress.”

Representative John Lesch


"Ilhan is a smart and inclusive legislator—she is a fierce fighter for all communities. When Minnesota experienced a measles epidemic, it hit the Somali-American community particularly hard. Although Ilhan was in her first year as a legislator, she was impressively effective at introducing a bill and advocating for her constituents. The legislature ultimately created a Public Health Response Contingency Account. I do not believe this would have happened without Ilhan effective advocacy."

Representative Mike Freiberg


"In just a few years, Ilhan Omar has proven herself to be an effective, eloquent and powerful voice for an unapologetic progressive agenda. St. Louis Park as a city is committed to racial equity in all we do. It doesn’t mean just supporting the perspectives of our diverse residents, it means ensuring that these voices have a seat at the table. Ilhan’s history as a refugee, as a religious minority, as a woman of color, will help elevate the stories and voices of so many residents of CD5, and across the country, who do not see themselves represented in our current Congress. This is an critical opportunity for the voters of CD5."

St. Louis Park City Council Member Anne Mavity


"Ilhan has a great understanding of issues that impact our daily lives, like education, healthcare, and economic justice. She will fight for our families, for equity, and find ways we can work together to eliminate disparities in our district that are among the worst in the nation."

Former Minneapolis School Board Member Jill Davis